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Date: 25th of December, 2018

David Kerr III has been evicted

…And apparently arrested. We don’t know the full details of his arrest, but we do know most the details of his eviction. A lawyer reached out to confirm whether or not he had a felony (he does) and was subsequently taken to court and eventually, formally evicted.

From what we know, he was soliciting deposits from would-be-renters claiming the apartment he was residing to be his (it wasn’t), skipping out on his rent bills for months on end, and never giving the money back to these poor people whom he scammed. With permission from the lawyer, here are the documents.

Merry Christmas David, you’re definitely getting a sack of coal for the rest of your life.

Date: 26th of July, 2018

David Kerr III is still on the loose

.. but we are not stopping to let this guy ruin other people’s lives. Several people have come forward to tell us their stories about David, scamming whoever he can take advantage of.

He still lives in the same unit in San Francisco and he has been spotted numerous times, even with a girl we believe to be Molly who had claimed to cut ties with him, even after we reached out to warn her of David’s scams…

We encourage anyone who has been duped by this lowlife scumbag to file a report with IC3 (https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx) .. Several reports have already been filed but more are needed to get the attention of the FBI to take this situation seriously enough.

We do have his address on file if anyone is in need of these details in order to file a report, please reach out to [email protected]

Date: 9th of June, 2018

David is a bigger scumbag than we had ever thought

What we know is, a few people have come forward with information detailing their dealings with David, and how he has scammed them out of significant amounts also.

We are finding out more and more info on David R. Kerr III, who deserves life in prison for what he is doing to people.

Some more information that we have discovered on David:

  • He is most likely the Director/Sole Shareholder of Lincup, LLC, a Delaware Corporation (File Number: 6369666), which we believe he is using to launder stolen money to. This is purely our opinion and not stated as fact, but we have a very good reason to believe this is the case.
  • David Kerr III has once again, tried to delay and delay using every sociopathic tactic in the book, but we won’t be fooled – he is 100% full of shit, not to be trusted, a pathological liar to the definition
  • He claimed to be taking on a high profile lawyer to defend him, but as we had presumed, there was no agreed upon retainer in place, it was all another tactic to try and make us back off. We won’t, and we aren’t. You should really just come forward and turn yourself in and stop delaying the inevitable – prison – perhaps one small noble act like that might get you a discounted sentence.
  • We know that David Kerr III’s gym “SaltFit” was a front for a CrossFit gym, however, from what we understand, he wasn’t a licensed trainer, was a terrible person to deal with, bad with the clients etc etc.. no surprise there

In Summary, David R Kerr III is a lowlife.

Over and Out – PC

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