The Dirty Truth About David Kerr III

The Story Of A Crypto-Criminal

David Kerr IIII, Scammer, Fraudster

Are you thinking of doing business with David Kerr III?

Did he ask you to “invest” your hard-earned money with him?

Are you considering going on a date with him and his cute dog, Kevin?

If David Kerr III has ever contacted you…

Please read what I’m about to share with you very closely…

Because this information could save you from a financial disaster…

Could help your family avoid years of stress and anger…

And could prevent you from getting ROBBED by this “Crypto Con Artist”….

Today, I’m going to expose an instagram “coach”, and online motivational speaker….

Who lives a secret life as an internet scam artist…

His name is David Kerr III, also known as Dave Kerr, David Richard Kerr III and DkThe3rd.

In just a moment, you’ll learn the strange but true story about him…And how this “inspirational instagrammer” defrauded a group of investors for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Personal Note To David Kerr III, Regarding Your Attempts To Silence Us…

Before I tell the weird story of this con-artist…

I have a personal message for David Kerr III… who I have no doubt will find his way to this text.

Dear David,

You’ve threatened us time and time again about what would happen if we released the truth to the world…

You’ve said you’d sue us for slander and libel….

You said, “every comment you make publicly is worth money”…

You said, “We assign a dollar amount to it”…

You said, “I warned you about this, and the group”…

As if telling the world the truth about you somehow cancels the deal we made…

And, David, you can threaten us all you want…

dkthe3rd, Instagram, David Kerr IIII, Scammer

But today, we’re telling the world the truth. Our story. Your story. You can’t put a muzzle on us for any longer.

We have one goal, and one goal only…

And it’s far more important to us than getting the money back: To make sure you never scam anyone like this again…

Why are we so worried about this?

FINRA.ORG shows that you are BARRED from acting as a broker or otherwise associating with a broker-firm deal?

David Richard Kerr III FINRA BARRED

Which means, according to FINRA…

You are “prohibited from engaging in securities or investment banking activity”!

David Richard Kerr III FINRA BARRED

Speaking of investment banking activity…

Why did you represent yourself as a partner of Cascata Fund Partners, LLC in the document we signed for you?

David Kerr III, Fraudulent SAFT

Spencer Montgomery, your former partner, says that your relationship ended almost a week before this document.

Yet you represented yourself as still being a partner with the firm.

Spencer says he kicked your butt to the curb, when he found out about your fraudulent past.

Because let’s be honest…

How can you be a partner in a FINANCIAL fund, when you’re barred from any type of broker activity???


According to your ex partner, you tried to hide this from him…

Both your FINRA ban. And your FRAUD felony charges…

Felony charges? That’s right – felony charges…

David Kerr III Was Accused Of Felony Credit Card Fraud….

David Kerr III, writes ….“Authorities said Kerr stole credit cards and used them for transactions at multiple businesses in Skaneateles” and notes you were charged with multiple felonies…

What happened there David?

Look, if you’re reading this… we’ll leave it to you to make what you want of David’s past…

We’re just here to present the evidence…

But when you see what he did to us, we think it shows a clear pattern of behavior from David Kerr III…

We suspect there are other victims David Kerr III has defrauded…

And we think that if David isn’t stopped, he’ll continue stealing money from unsuspecting people….

David… personally, I can’t sleep at night knowing you’re not behind bars right now…

And based on how you treated us, it’s my opinion that…

David, You’ve Spent Your Whole Life Pretending To Be Someone You’re Not…

Just look at one of your long 11-paragraph “inspirational” instagram posts you made just days after our refereum contract was signed….

dkthe3rd Instagramdkthe3rd Instagram

You say “I’ve failed. A LOT…”

“I’ve made mistakes. But I’ve always embraced it. Owned it.”

Well, you just made a big one. And you haven’t owned, despite being given every opportunity to do so…

You make instagram post after instagram post, promoting positivity and hard work….

Here’s the problem, David: you don’t walk the walk.

dkthe3rd Instagramdkthe3rd Instagram

You have lied to us DOZENS of times… (and I’ll show you proof in just a second)

And if you’re going to try and be an instagram stud, coach, and inspire people… you should probably start by cleaning out your own house…

FRAUD is illegal. You’re not above the law.

The “Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out” Story Of How David Kerr III Stole 180 ETH From Us…

It all started with David’s mutual friend.

“I’ve got Refereum!” he told us with excitement…

What the heck is Refereum, you ask?

Well, it’s a cryptocurrency. It was one of the most anticipated “Initial Coin Offerings” (also known as ICOs) of early 2018.

This is where people spend money buying “tokens” of a cryptocurrency. Kind of like an “Initial Public Offering” of a stock – but with cryptocurrency.

Everyone wanted to get their slice of the pie.

Many people anticipated the price of Refereum to BOOM after the “ICO”.

The problem?

Refereum – the company – was being very selective about who they let invest.

Most people had to “know someone” to get in.

So when our group of friends heard that someone close to us had access?

We were ecstatic!!

We had all done loads of research on “Refereum” (Not to be confused with ETHereum).

And it had all the makings of a “winning” Initial Coin Offering. Tons of hype. A great team.

So, in our haste…

Unfortunately, We Made A Terrible, Terrible Mistake, That Would Haunt Us For Months…

We neglected to do what we should have done – research the guy brokering the deal and didn’t do so much as search his name on Google.

Idiotic. We know. We should have done FAR more due diligence about this “Crypto Broker”, David Kerr III.

But at the time we were involved in dozens of initial coin offerings…

Most of us had businesses to run…

Refereum was just days away from launching, and we’d tried EVERYTHING to get access…

So when one of us had a good friend from college offer us access?

We jumped at the opportunity.

We knew the guy, for goodness sakes…

He wouldn’t screw over his friend would he?

And to top it off, he said he was a partner at “Cascata Fund Partners, LLC”… a legit cryptocurrency fund.

Now, there are over 200 pages of telegram chats between us and David….

And countless other text messages of evidence…

So to save you some time…

Let’s just go through the highlight reel of our communications with David…

(Or skip to the end if you want to see a summary)

The Timeline Of Broken Promises, Lies, And Missed Meetings By David…

On January 26th, conversations started with David regarding the Refereum deal.

January 27th, David Kerr III sent us a contract to sign, with the letterhead saying Cascata Fund Partners, LLC, a fund that he represented yourself as being a partner with…

The deal?

We transfer him 150 ETH (~$150,000 USD equivalent in Ethereum at the time), and he transfers us an equal amount of “Refereum” token, plus a 30 percent bonus.

Shortly after that, we added transferred him another 30 Ethereum (~$30,000 USD).

In return…

Total, he owes us over 25,316,708 Refereum, who’s peak price in USD was 0.018, equalling over $455,000 USD

Here’s what the first page of the contract looked like, in which David represented himself as being a partner at Cascata….

David Kerr III Fake SAFT

Here’s the problem…

Just the other day (It’s mid-May 2018 as I write this), we talked with Spencer Montgomery, David’s ex partner.

He told us, about 5 days prior to that contract being signed, David Kerr III officially had signed a termination agreement with his firm….

If that’s true, then 5 days after David ended his partnership with Cascata…

He Fraudulently Represented Himself As One Of Cascata’s Partners, To Get Our Money Quick…

Now, onto the messages between us…

There are SO many of them…

We requested the Refereum from him almost a hundred times…

But I know you don’t have time do go through 200 pages of messages, so let’s just focus on some “highlights”…

Let’s focus on the times in the last 3 months or so…

That David said he was “ready” to send us the Refereum he owed us, either “right now”, or within a day…

Want to guess how many times David Kerr III said he was sending us the Refereum?




Nope… the number is MUCH higher…

Let The Countdown Begin….

“Sending The Refereum!” #1

February 28th, 2018, David Kerr III says he’s getting them “Today” and says he’ll send over the 150+30 worth of Ethereum. Did it happen? Nope.

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #2

March 7th, David confirms that everything will be ready that or the next day at the latest.

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #3

March 8th, he says “I can send to you in a bit” and “almost settled boys”. Nothing gets settled or sent.

“Sending The Refereum!” #4

March 9th – he says “I will send a test then send the rest”. Nothing is sent.

David Kerr III Scam

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #5

March 10th – He is asked again to get this settled today. He says “yes, let’s settle it today”. Did it happen? Nope.

David Kerr III Scam

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #6 and #7

March 15 – David says “Tokens will be distributed today”. 6th time’s the charm right? Wrong. Nothing happens.

David makes sure to name drop the 600,000 bitcoin deal he’s doing with Roman Abramovich, a russian oligarch who’s Putin’s right hand man. That’s a deal for almost 5 Billion Dollars… Wow David’s a big shot!

Later, when asked “you sending now?” He says “Leaving token fest shortly to send.”

David Kerr III Scam

David Kerr III Scam

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #8 and #9

March 20 – David says he is “sitting down to distribute” at 10:28am. He’s given the addresses and amounts for the 6th time. He attempts to short change us on the price, charging us almost 3x what we originally agreed to. 12 hours later he says “sitting down to distribute” again. Does anything get distributed on either occasion? Nope!

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #10

March 22 – David Kerr III promises that he will have “everything distributed today 100%”. The real chances were 0%, because nothing was distributed.

“Sending The Refereum!” #11

March 23 – David says “I have a ton of RFR and I think it’s best to distribute as planned, Adam and I are doing that this evening”. Nothing gets distributed that evening.

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #12 and #13

March 25  – David says “I am doing this right now” at 12:05pm. Radio silence. Then at 9:04pm he says “On now, sorting this out”. Does anything get sorted out? Nope.

David Kerr III ScamDavid Kerr III ScamDavid Kerr III Scam

March 26 – David Kerr III doesn’t send Refereum, but does “accidentally” drop that he has a POF for 20k BTC. Whoops! Totally accidental! Definitely not just trying to seem like a big big deal!

David Kerr III Scam

“Sending The Refereum!” #14

March 27 – At 12:31 he says “he’s ready”. Is told to send it a minute later to send. Doesn’t happen.

David Kerr III Scam

At this point, David’s new excuse is that he doesn’t know how to send the Refereum.

Really David Kerr III?

Apparently a Wharton grad

A Partner at a “Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund”…

Guy Making 5 Billion Dollar Bitcoins With Russian Oligarchy…

Can’t even figure out how to copy and paste an address, type in a number of tokens, and press “send”?

I taught my 91 y/o grandma how to do this a month ago.

I don’t think so, David. I just don’t think so.

Are You Noticing A Pattern Yet?

Does this look like the behavior of a scammer?

Someone who’s been accused of credit card fraud?

Someone who is banned from FINRA?

You decide.

I wish I could tell you it stopped there.

It didn’t.

Now, let’s pause to take a look some of the meetings David missed before we continue….

Missed Meeting #1

April 6 – A 1:30pm PST meeting is made. No show.

Missed Meeting #2

April 7 – he says “my phones been so fucked for some reason, I can meet up at 5pm” (8pm EST). He misses that meeting.

Missed Meeting #3

April 8 – Another scheduled meet-up for 10pm EST, he misses that one as well.

Missed Meeting #4

April 9 – Plans are made to meet in 2.5 hours. Misses this meeting as well.

David Kerr III Missed Meeting

David Kerr III Missed Meeting

“Sending The Refereum!” #15

April 9 – David brings up that he technically has 60 days to deliver. Offers to get it done today. Doesn’t get it done that day.

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

Missed Meeting #5

April 10 – 11 – David offers to meet at 4:30 on April 11. David is not there. Allegedly at Doctor’s office. David indicates he is still working for the “fund” which he represented himself as working for. We were informed via phone call with Spencer (the partner at Cascata) that David stopped working there late January. This was about a week before the RFR agreement was signed. (which if true, is Fraud)

David Kerr III Sending RefereumDavid Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #16, #17 and #18

April 12 – David’s latest excuses is “unexpected test results” at the doctor the other day. At 10:05am he insists that “This will be completed today.”

Then later he says, “this will be wrapped up by 2”. It’s not wrapped up at 2 or any time that day.

Later he asked, “did you get this finalized” and he said “we are now”.

Later he insists “Check, it’s done already” and says “we sent your tokens. That I’m 100% sure of”. The tokens were never sent. We request the transaction IDs. He says he’ll grab them when he’s home that night. No tx IDs are sent.

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

David Kerr III Sending RefereumDavid Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #19

April 20 – Next steps are made very clear. David says “let’s complete this today”. Nothing gets completed that day, despite us making ourselves available to help.

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #20

April 23 – Insists “we will be done with this today”. No one is done with anything that day.David Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #21

April 24 – David says “Adam and I are doing this today”. Nothing happens that day.

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #22 and #23 / Missed Meeting #6

May 2 – David Kerr offers to transfer it now. He is responded to immediately, and goes radio silent.

May 7 – insists that “tomorrow is our day”. David indicates he can do it at 3pm PST

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #24 / Missed Meeting #7

May 8 – David says he needs 30 minutes, because his phone is overheating. 30 minutes later he is asked “all set?” and is told “let’s do 11 EST”. He misses that meeting as well.

David Kerr III Sending Refereum

“Sending The Refereum!” #25

May 11 – An agreement is reached that he would deliver a partial payment of 210 of the Ether value by 5am that night EST, and the rest by Tuesday at 11:59pm. At 4:54 says “All set, thank you. I will sort out the rest”. This is a lie

Later he goes back on his “all set” claim, and says “Did you not say Tuesday? I’ve been putting it together for that specific reason.”

David Kerr III Compulsive Liar


That’s a lot broken promises, right?

A lot of missed appointments, don’t ya think?

And these are just the ones we have text records of…

But it gets worse

The “Smoking Gun” That Could Put David Behind Bars

Yesterday we talked to Spencer, David’s ex partner at Cascata…

And when we explained the situation to him, he noticed something well, a little bit fishy about a very important screenshot David sent us….

You see, at the beginning of our dealings with David, he told us to send Ethereum to this address, which he claimed was forwarded to him by Lauren, who works at Refereum…

David Kerr III Doctored Screenshot

Do you notice anything strange about this photo?

Look for a second… anything look off?

Here’s what’s “off”:

The text of the Ethereum wallet address is a different color. Which is what happens in gmail, if you copy and paste something into someone’s reply.

Spencer suggested to us that David may have inserted his own ethereum address into this e-mail… or photoshopped it…

Which would be, fraud, plain and simple.

We all believed we were sending money to the official Refereum address which Lauren sent us…

This does not appear to be the case.

So, we e-mailed the people at Refereum, showed them the address, and here is what they replied to us:

“I’m sorry you are having all these issues. Unfortunately the address in the screenshot is not Refereum’s token contract address, so it looks like you might have been scammed.”


It wasn’t an official Refereum address…

The Refereum Team didn’t send that e-mail…

So… let’s look at the evidence:

1. Someone appears to have edited the photo…

2. David Kerr III said he received the payment and had the Refereum tokens…

3. David Kerr III still denies that he edited any photos…

It doesn’t take a genius to see that something doesn’t add up here.

When confronted about this, David claims “I didn’t doctor anything”… and again accuses us of slander and libel for even suggesting this.

David Kerr III Lies Lies Lies

When he gets pressed on the issue… he deflects by saying “My lawyers no the truth” among other things…

Until eventually, when asked again “were those e-mails edited in any way” he responds “it’s not. of course I haven’t messed with anything”.

Forgive us if we don’t take David at his word here!

After dozens upon dozens of lies and delays of the Refereum payment, his credibility with us is out the window.

David Kerr III Lies Lies Lies

David Kerr III Lies Lies Lies

So what did we do next?

When In Doubt, Follow The Money…

Let’s do a bit more digging on that Ethereum address that was allegedly given by Lauren…

You see, the great thing about cryptocurrency is that you can trace every transaction from every wallet.

So… what happened to the Ether we sent him? It was immediately transferred to a wallet on Binance… one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


Once it’s on binance, it’s impossible to see what happened to it.

Which makes the perfect place for a thief to send cryptocurrency to.

Because they can convert it to an untraceable “private” cryptocurrency like Monero or ZCash, and hide it.

Also… pretty strange that David couldn’t figure out how to transfer the Refereum to our wallet on 23 separate occasions…

BUT… he someone knew how to transfer it to his binance account within minutes!

A little strange, don’t ya think?

He’s Even Considered To Be The ‘Black Sheep’ By His Own Family Members

An anonymous person tracked down one of David’s relatives and got them on the phone (this was recorded, LEGALLY, as New York has a one-party consent wire-tapping law).

Even his own grandfather pointed out that he was a black sheep of the family, that he would stab you in the back if you ever considered him a friend, and that he was a CON MAN.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:

So, What’s The Bottom Line?

Look, here’s why we’re certain we’ve been scammed… and why we feel that David is a white collar criminal who is a threat to society, every day he’s not locked in a prison cell…

  1. David Kerr III has been accused of felony credit card fraud…
  2. David Kerr III falsely represented himself as working with Cascata Partners for this deal…
  3. He has been barred from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which means he can’t engage in securities or investment banking activity… yet he still solicits people for investments
  4. He said he was going to send us our money “right now” or “today” a whopping 25 times… and came through on zero of them…
  5. It appears as if he doctored an e-mail from Refereum, to make sure we sent the money to his account, rather than Refereum’s wallet…
  6. He’s missed 7 meetings on record (and many more that we don’t have records of) to sort this out…

David Kerr III has threatened us over and over again…

He’s used “bully” tactics to try and scare us out of telling our story…

We’ve bent over backwards to try to get our Refereum from David Kerr III…

And he continues to play games with us, and employ delay tactics, despite being in clear violation of his contract.

We Messed Up. Big Time.

We shouldn’t have trusted the guy.

We should have done our due diligence.

We got caught up in the Cryptocurrency “ICO mania’ of December 2017 / January 2018.

And we rushed this deal.

We screwed up – and we realize that. And hopefully we’re learning a valuable lesson from it.

But David Kerr III is still walking the streets of San Francisco.

He still goes home to his apartment, and dog Kevin every single night.

And as of YESTERDAY… he’s still posting on facebook, trying to get “investors” to give him their money.

This guy needs to be off the streets.

We hope you learn from our screw up, and always do your research before transferring money to ANYBODY…

But, in the meantime…


Where Can You Find David Kerr III?

We’re going to release some of David’s contact information…

Do NOT use violence, threats, or harassment. We just want the world to be aware who they are dealing with.

Sound fair?


Here’s how you can reach David Kerr III:

His social accounts: 

His known Ethereum addresses are:

  • 0x2b9E087E9B9C03AA7EDF1458E0F51C6b8aFDd4B9
  • 0xa6b5EDf5FE8DadD02fC58041da35264986f32Ecc
  • 0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208

He CLAIMS this is his Ethereum address is his:

  • 0x40f601803d97f91340faf3d2421d08e2c1ca81a9

But we don’t believe him, because he transferred tokens there over a month ago – right in the midst of when he claimed “he couldn’t figure out how to transfer tokens”.

If you or someone you know own that account, please let us know…

We want to cross it off the list, and confirm another one of David’s lies.

If you have any tips or information about these funds, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you SO much for your help.We really hope to catch this guy, and make sure no one ever falls for his con games again.



[email protected]


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